What our customers say

  • Thank you Friendship Bakery for the important role you play in our community and for engaging us all in what you do. It’s a treat to visit your store front and experience your amazing service. We’ve loved baking challah with you virtually and your cookies can’t be beaten. Most importantly, it’s so special to know we’re supporting people of all abilities whilst enjoying your delicious wares. We’re looking forward to buying more of your outstanding products and we can’t wait to visit Friendship Bakery again.  

    Candice Bass
  • I’d love to be known as Number 1 Fan of Friendship Bakery!  Since their official opening a few weeks ago I’ve been a regular customer early every Friday morning with mask on and phone ready to sign in with the QR code. They make the yummiest challah, the best meringues and laminations, not to mention their tasty savoury tarts, vegan slices and so much more. Their cookie dough is out of this world! So many other yummy treats I need to try too. Supporting these young adults with a disability who have mastered expert baking skills is a huge privilege for me - you’ll need to get there early before they sell out, or better still, especially while we’re in lockdown, order online!

    Biggest fan, Sonia Newell
  • I’ve been a Friendship Bakery Challah subscriber for the last 4 years and have had the pleasure of enjoying delicious Challot delivered to my home each week. Best of all we get to share the Friendship Bakery story and know were supporting a great cause.

    Sherel Levy
  • The Friendship Bakery is an incredible organization that aims to include people of all abilities. Baking fresh challot with Nicholas and having my house filled with the beautiful smell was a delight. The cakes were delicious as well. I cannot recommend this bakery enough and moreover, feel proud to be apart of such an important organization. 

    Linda Mccarthy

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We aim to empower young people with disabilities by challenging them to take on the responsibilities of creating and selling their own baked products.