Our Story

The Friendship Bakery

The Friendship Bakery is a Friendship Circle initiative, having evolved from a small operation baking and packing in a shared factory in Mascot to our EXCITING new retail shop and bakery at Mark Moran Vaucluse.

We offer a delicious selection of pastries, biscuits, cakes, quiches and other baked goods with the help of our wonderful Young Adults.

And the best part, they LOVE IT! To watch our Bakers grow in confidence, ability and pride in their work is the greatest success of all.

Benefits of the bakery include:

  • Create meaningful, valuable work experience for Young Adults
  • Community engagement and support of people with disabilities
  • Producing delicious, wholesome baked items for all to enjoy

Sydney Friendship Circle

Sydney Friendship Circle is a not-for-profit organisation offering programs and activities for children, teenagers and young adults with and without disabilities from all backgrounds.

We are heavily involved in advocating for inclusion in our local community, across Sydney and Australia-wide.

“Friendship Circle welcomes participants and volunteers from all over Sydney to experience a better way of living and giving”

Sydney Friendship Circle is centred around five key areas:

  • Community and Inclusion
  • Family Support
  • Activities and Experiences
  • Education and Leadership
  • Social Enterprise